Welcome to the Machine
Portfolio of risograph prints
297 x 420 mm

This portfolio contains eight risograph prints on possible futures with artificial intelligence. They reflect a subjective and intuitive view on the matter and were made with the intention of leaving room for one’s own ideas rather than just standing up in favor of or against a subject of such complexity. Whether we want to share this world with AI or not might be out of our hands already — still the question remains of how. It is therefore of great importance that we lead these discussions NOW instead of leaving it to profit-oriented monopolists that idolize technologies as the sole solution for all of our world’s problems! These very technologies are slowly becoming parts of our everyday lives and will confront us with new facts sooner or later. Time to ask ourselves once again: What kind of world do we want to live in?

The project was part of my master thesis at UDK Berlin and supervised by Henning Wagenbreth and Fons Hickmann. There's a super limited edition of 10 pieces for sale, available upon request.