graphic designer
interdisciplinary artist


Miro Denck is a visual thinker, graphic artist, pop culture fanatic and musician who currently lives in Berlin. He draws worlds. He adores bold design. He breathes music. He spends time at cinemas. He writes when he feels the urge. He loves excessive breakfast and lots of coffee. He embraces the diverse weirdness and infinity of life. He constantly hunts for new ideas and aims to experiment and improve himself every day.

If you're interested in a collaboration, talking or basic human interaction he's more than happy to hear from you!


1990 began this life in Düsseldorf
2012 – 2013 intern at ONOGRIT Designstudio
(formerly Are We Designer), Cologne
2013 illustrator for The Wild Honey Pie, NYC
2010 – 2014 Bachelor of Arts in Communications Design, Hochschule Würzburg
2015 started studying Visual Communication, M.A. at Universität der Künste Berlin (class of Henning Wagenbreth and Jakob Hinrichs)
2016 co-founded YEDS collective

Fields of work include

Illustration, editorial design, graphic design, photography, art direction, visual and artistic concepts

Some clients

Allianz, Capital, Fresenius Medical Care,
Atelier Publications, Odd Couple/Cargo Records,
Valley Cruise Press, The Wild Honey Pie

Some talented friends

Sarah Abdelbaky, Hanne Jatho, Noa Snir, Angélica Liv, Eric Reh, Jangojim, Lydia Trappenberg, Onogrit, Florian Bayer


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