The Age of Emulation
218 x 291 mm

In my bachelor semester I created this project dealing with the history of popular culture from 1960 – 2000 and it's revivals. This collection of pop cultural impressions provides an insight into the phenomenon of retromania, my generation's obsession with our younger history that's fueled by re-releases, reunions, remakes and homages to recently past decades. From folk music and psychedelic in the 1960s to hard guitar rock and punk in the 70s, from the synthetic sounds and futurism in the 1980s to grunge and R&B in the 90s we openly admire, cite and imitate. Where there formerly was an avant-garde there are now archivists and pop historians. But it isn't less interesting and colorful here, welcome to the age of emulation.

This magazine was also chosen to be one of a few selected works that would represent Würzburg's design faculty at the Leipzig Book Fair 2015.